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Get to know us better through the words of those who know us best - our Customers

    Fifteen years ago, this month, Southern Screens began operation as the exclusive distributor of Phantom Retractable Screens in the MidSouth. A lot has changed since those fledgeling days.
    Few people back then were familiar with retractable screens at all, let alone the Phantom brand. To many people, the idea of a $300 screen door was absurd. And a $3,000.00 motorized porch screen was just crazy talk. 
    Now, fast forward to today and you can see how much the world of screening has changed. Retractable screens, and Phantom brand retractable screens, in particular, are considered an almost necessity in the finest homes. Phantom Screens were the retractable screens of choice of over 40 builders in 14 Vesta Home Shows.
    Though copycats and low-quality competitors have come and gone and come again, Phantom is, was, and always will be the preeminent name in the segment of the retractable screen industry that they specialize in.
    No one company, however, has the capacity or business model to provide all solutions for all situations. And, so, over the years, we've added other manufacturers of high quality products to our stable of providers. We've added their logos and links above. Though there is some overlap in the products each company makes, we generally use them for what they uniquely bring to the table. Take a look at the LSU Tiger Stadium project and you'll see what we mean.
    On the eve of our 15th birthday, we are proud to add our own logo to the mix  for a new capability that we've named "MAXED OUT - The Mega-Roller Modification System".
    What is it? Take a look at the story in the next column about what a concession stand and the Bass Pro Pyramid have in common and you'll see what nobody but Southern Screens has ever successfully attempted.
    That Southern Screens keeps getting selected by the biggest contractors for the most important projects should tell you all you need to know about whether there's a difference in screening solutions providers. 
    The big boys know who to call - so should you.

Mike Reilly
What does this concession stand in Cordova have in common with the Bass Pro Pyramid? More than you might think. Read about it here...