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    When Trinity Baptist Church decided to construct a food pavilion for their outdoor events, they researched existing structures to be sure to get all the features they'd need and comply with all building codes. 
    Unfortunately, a new code requiring  any facility that serves food to prevent insects from entering the cooking area was keeping the grand opening in limbo. 
    Who 'ya gonna call? Why Phantom Screens, of course.  With the help of Jepson Maintenance Svcs (thanks, Paul), we constructed and installed the innovative solution you see here in just 4 days.
    Just another day at the office.
    Now, who wants nachos and a Coke?

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Each month or two, we'll highlight a different project. It may be a recent installation, or an old one that we'd like to revisit. But, either way, it will have some interesting or unique aspect. So, check back regularly for the latest.

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December, 2007

What's new? Whew! "What isn't" would be a shorter list and easier to answer. If you're a regular visitor to our site, then you're aware of the new look we started implementing in September. And we're almost there.

Unfortunately, while we've been updating the look of the site, we've fallen behind in some areas like new features and featured projects. As Maxwell Smart used to say, "Sorry about that, Chief."

So take a look at this month's featured project. We've often said that Phantom Screens are elegantly simple, and the POM certainly confirms it. Also, check out Phantom's first national TV ad (international actually - it ran in the US and Canada). It's in the Video Gallery (or right here ). Enjoy!

Dec '06

Jeld-Wen Windows and Doors has contracted with Phantom Screens to use Phantom technology in their high end wood-grain series windows. When you're the best, the best come calling. Click here to visit the Jeld-Wen website and take a look at how Phantom inconspicuously enhances the Jeld-Wen window.