Phantom Retractable Door Screens

When Phantom began making retractable screen doors way back in 1992, it was with a very simple premise: Design, engineer, and manufacture the very best screen door that money could buy. That philosophy is still evident today in each and every Phantom Retractable Door Screen.

A retractable screen should blend completely with the decor and become nearly invisible when not in use. It should be made of sturdy and weather-resistant materials with a durable finish. It should operate smoothly and easily, and be available in a variety of colors. It should be expertly installed by professionals and be easy to maintain by homeowners. It should be covered by an outstanding warranty program administered by a company dedicated to customer service and satisfaction long after the sale.

To be all of that, it has to have one more thing: Phantom's name on it.

Phantom Door Screen Specifications

Housing Style: Octagonal
Housing Size: 1-7/8" x 1-7/8"
Slidebar Size: 1-3/4" x 7/8"
Total width (installed): 4"
Maximum Height: 10'
Maximum Width (single): 4' @ 8' tall; 3' @ 8' - 10' tall
                               (double): 8' @ 8' tall; 6' @ 8' - 10' tall
Price (including installation): 6'8" in-swing standard single w/ wood trim -
(std color only): $349.00    All other doors (std color only) $379.00
(NOTE: some exceptions may apply)

Signature Colors (standard): 8 (no additional charge)
Premium Colors (pallette avail): 50 (priced by quantity)
Wood Grain Finish: 10 (priced by quantity)
Luxury Colors (color matching): Unlimited (priced by quantity)
Phantom Signature Colors
Almond  White     Drift-    Sandle-  Green      Gray      Black     Brown
                             wood     wood

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