Why Should I Choose Phantom for My Screening Needs?


Selection - Only Phantom offers distinct retractable screening solutions for doors, windows, and oversized applications like porches and patios. The Phantom Door Screen, Serene Window Screen, and Executive Powered Screen provide a comprehensive solution system for all your ventilation, insect and solar protection, and privacy screening needs.

Design - All Phantom housings are designed to be as compact and inconspicuous as possible. Softened corners and rounded profiles provide a seamless meld with your home's decor. Phantom has been thinking outside the "box" since its inception.

Engineering - Only Phantom uses heavy-duty, extruded aluminum for all the weight-bearing parts of its products. Our components (housings, slidebars, and tracks) are strong enough to stand on (don't try that with Brand X, though). And, when it comes to the bigger units (19' wide and up), one size doesn't fit all at Phantom. Everything from housing, to roller, to motor is increased in size and strength. It's simply the difference between experimenting and experience. 

Color Choices -"You can have it in any color you like, as long as it's white." Not so at Phantom. With 8 Signature colors, 50 Premium colors, 10 wood grain finishes, and an unlimited number of factory-applied, computer-matched colors, Phantom Screens truly "blend into the woodwork" and disappear when not needed.

Experience - At 15 years and counting, Phantom is the undisputed leader in the market it pioneered. No one else even comes close. At Phantom, all we do are retractable screens. We're focused on being the very best at one thing, and one thing only.

Security - When you buy a Phantom Screen, you have the peace of mind of knowing that it is warranted by the best, the biggest, and the most stable company in the industry. We'll be here tomorrow and long after, because a Phantom really does provide a lifetime of enjoyment.

Windbars, wrinkles, non-sliding slidebars? I guess that's the best you can expect from
'brand x'

"Brand X" at a recent
 tour of homes show.
As good as a Phantom? 



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