Problem: The magnets don't hold the door closed very well anymore and the door pops open too easily.
Solution: If the slidebar and the magnets are no longer aligned correctly, the door will open with very little effort. In some cases, this is caused by impact to the screen (see above). In others, the magnets may be misaligned and a simple adjustment will cure the problem.


Maintainance & Care of Phantom Screens

Phantom Door Screens

Problem: Screen is coming out of track (or "bunching up") when opening or closing the door, or, handle is not sliding easily anymore
Solution: Almost all problems with the proper operation of Phantom Doors are caused by 2 things: debris and/or dirt buildup in the bottom track; and/or insufficient lubrication of the top & bottom track. Both are easily remedied.
First, check the bottom track for foreign materials and remove them (if present) by vacuuming, hosing out. brooming, or wiping. Then, apply a light coating of silicon spray to the surface of both tracks. (You should have received a can of silicon spray from us when we installed the door.) If you can't find the spray, or have run out, you can purchase it from hardware stores, auto parts stores, or from us. Remember, Do Not Use WD-40! Never use anything but silicon spray on your tracks.

Problem: When the door is open, the slidebar touches the housing at one end, but is loose at the other.
Solution: When the slidebar is no longer parallel to the housing, it is almost always the result of impact to the screen, causing a fold in the mesh to roll up into the housing. This fold effectively "shortens" the screen at the top or the bottom, causing unevenness in the  retracted position of the slidebar. If the fold is severe, it can cause the slidebar to be misaligned at the closed position as well, causing weakened latching capability (see below). In some cases, you can manually pull the fold out of the screen. If it has been that way for a while, the mesh will be weakened (like creasing paper) and may need to be replaced.

As a general rule: If you have a problem , don't live with it; don't ask someone else to fix it; and don't try to fix it yourself. Call us. If it's a warrantied problem, we'll take care of it. If it's not warrantied, the repair will be done correctly the first time at a minimal cost. And if it's something that we think that you can easily fix, we'll tell you. The only tool you'll ever need to fix your Phantom is the phone!


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